4 Recruiting Faux Pas You Should Never Make

A recruiter’s job is no walk in a park. Hirers must advertise their ads on several platforms such as Jobstreet, filter through endless qualified candidates and go through numerous interview to ensure the company gets the perfect candidate to fill in the vacancy.

The role of a recruiter is stressful; however, there are some faux pas or mistakes you should never make when you’re looking to hire:

Unclear job descriptions

Not only does a job advertisement that fails to convey a position’s role causes confusion to people, but it also chases away potential employees. Candidates want to know exactly what they’re signing up for and what you expect from them.

Take some time to figure out the job details. Define the qualifications and explain how the ideal candidate will fit in that particular job post. Clear job description helps you find the perfect candidate and prevents the wrong hire.

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Poor interviewing behaviours

We always expect good manners and professionalism from interviewees, but it’s the same for the interviewers too. Bad interview behaviours include asking insensitive questions, being late to an interview and not paying attention to the candidate.

Whatever you expect from a candidate also applies to you. If you think you display any of the poor interviewing behaviours, it’s not too late to change. A poor interview experience can even chase away the best candidate!

Failure to follow up with candidates

Everyone deserves to have a follow-up communication about their application status, even the candidates that don’t pass the interview. Communication is a crucial part of recruiting and informing candidates shows that you value their time with you regardless of the outcome.

Send an email to update candidates about their status, even if they don’t qualify for the role. Good communication between recruiters and candidates will also maintain a good employer brand for your company.

Failure to check references

No matter how perfect a candidate may seem, it’s crucial to check their references. While most companies don’t reveal much information about their employees, it doesn’t hurt to get some information about the candidate’s skills and strengths.

Recruiters should confirm the candidate’s qualifications and skill with their references, as well as their weaknesses and strengths.


The hiring process is always evolving in this ever-changing world, and it’s important for recruiters to keep up and adapt to the current recruitment practices. For example, recruiters should not refuse online job portals like Jobstreet as a method to fill up vacancies.

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