5 Car Theft Prevention Tips Everyone Needs to Know

In 2016, chief executive officer Mark Lim from the General Insurance Association of Malaysia (PIAM) stated that an average of 60 vehicles gets stolen every day from all over Malaysia. For only the first half of 2016, the industry incurred car insurance claims worth RM2.41 billion!

What’s worse is Malaysia was on the top ten list for the most vehicle thefts. Although there was a decrease in theft cases compared to 2015, Malaysia had the sixth spot for the global auto theft ranking.

Most of us don’t think it can happen to us, but anyone can be a car theft victim. If you don’t take measures to protect your car, all it takes is a careless mistake and some bad luck to have your car stolen. Avoid losing your car by following these tips:

Know where are your car keys

Your car keys should always be with you no matter where you go. It’s also crucial to keep track of your keys’ location and not misplace them, even the spare ones. You should also never leave your keys in your car.

Lock your doors

Most cars automatically lock their doors when you start driving, but that’s not always the case after you stopped and parked it. Make it a habit of securing your doors and windows whenever you leave your car, even if it’s parked in your own porch.

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Park smartly

Speaking of parking, where you park your car can also affect the chances of your car getting stolen. Criminals prefer to work secretly in the dark, so park in well-lit and populated areas. You can also park near building entrances or security cameras to deter criminals.

Don’t leave the car running and unattended

You may think that stepping out of your vehicle with the engine running for a quick errand does no farm, but for car thieves, it’s the perfect opportunity to strike. If you’re not behind the wheel, turn off the engine before leaving.

Use anti-theft and tracking devices

Not only does gear-shift and steering wheel locks keep your car from getting stolen, but it also discourages thieves from targeting your vehicle, especially if you leave them visible. In an unfortunate event where your car gets stolen anyway, a tracking device hidden in your car will tell you its exact location.

To sum up

Some people may think you’re paranoid by taking so many steps to ensure your car’s safety, but it’s a necessary measure to prevent car theft and the trouble of filing an insurance claim. Always be vigilant and careful wherever you go for you and your car’s safety.
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