5 Qualities Hirer Should Look For In Hiring

You should have heard about the characteristics or qualities that hirer often dream about when hiring employees. What qualities are the employers’ desires in taking someone to work? Actually, every employer has the characteristics of the workers they want to be and work in their organization or company. Here are the FIVE qualities hirer should look for in hiring according to JobStreet Philippines:

Enthusiasm and Passion

People who love the work they do often stay at companies longer than people who work for the sake of the paycheque. Hirer should not want to hire employees who are only joining for the potential financial gain. They need to be able to see the bigger picture. Enthusiasm is a great trait to possess for a new employee; enthusiastic and outgoing employees are often useful to a business because they are likely proficient when it comes to operations management, enterprise resource planning, and healthcare management.

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Successful companies don’t have just one leader. They hire individuals who are capable of providing leadership at all levels. Hirer will look for employees who are able to maintain good behavior, discipline, work rules, and commit to success which these traits shows high level of leadership in one individual.


Employees may be given the opportunity to do more important and challenging tasks. So self-reliance is important as hirer should look for in hiring as they do not want the employees to rely heavily on others. This is a praiseworthy attitude. As a hirer, they want an independent, mature, thoughtful, responsible and diligent workers.

Team Player

Hirers usually ask potential hires about how well they work as a team and what type of work environment they prefer. This quality hirer should look for in hiring is important to see how well they interact with a number of existing employees. All new employees should be able to work well within a team or else, hirer need to prepare for lots of drama and headache.


Efficiency is the most important aspect of success. It is the foundation in every field of care that is involved. Efficiency in executing and completing tasks, seeking information or in dealing with problems. It is also the ability of employees to set priorities, differentiating relevant and less relevant tasks and wise managing their time. The willingness to accept the challenge, a great job or even a new job where there is a high level of uncertainty and the possibility of failure in the individual is the biggest trait hirer should look for in hiring.

All in all

Employees make the company. They determine the success and failure and will largely dictate the type of company that employer have in the years to come. This makes it essential that hirer hire based on personality and not just business interests. Skills can be taught, lessons can be learned, but personality is more or less set in stone. Hence, these five qualities hirer should look in hiring are important and the van is used as a guide to begin the hiring process and successfully recruited a beneficial staff into the family. Visit https://www.jobstreet.com.ph/en/cms/employer/ to learn more about how you can get these 5 qualities with their hiring expert solutions SIVA – Recruitment Centre.

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