7 ways not to get ripped when servicing your car

When we send our car to a service center, one of the main goals is to ensure that the vehicle is serviced properly on a scheduled basis. But sometimes it hurts when some non-critical items are added. This is commonly happened to my non-technical friend.

Here I share on how to save your pocket from being ripped by your car – doesn’t matter what type of car are you driving. Be it a SUV, MPV, sedan or 4×4. As for me, a Mitsubishi Triton owner, these tips I use to keep me from spending more on car workshop.

1. Always on time

Whether by kilometre, month or whichever is earlier. If the service is periodic at every 10,000km then do not delay the service. If the service exceeds the prescribed time, it is likely that there will be secondary defects that will occur such as engine wear and carbon build up

2. Know when the engine flush is needed

When you service your car according to the fixed schedule, then you do not actually need an engine flush treatment. Usually these products are offered to customers who are always servicing in excess of specified kilometres.

This product is used to remove carbon deposits that are formed when conversion of engine oils that are not in accordance with the fixed schedule. I will reject engine flush treatment if my car is on schedule.

3. Change the battery terminal protector if necessary

Battery terminal protector usually needs to be changed every time a new battery installed instead of every service time. Although the cost is in rm4, if ten times the service can be rm 40. If the battery is new, I would recommend installing it.

4. Wash your air filter yourself to save more

Air filter cabinets can be washed away by ourself. Estimated cost estimate between rm31- rm90 depends on the car’s brand. But if it’s dirty black like a diesel fuel filter, I would recommend to change. Watch the video below to see how to clean water filters easily.

5. Use the injector cleaner if necessary

I will use this injector cleaner if I feel the engine’s performance as the acceleration rate is less satisfactory, the engine feels rough, the high fuel consumption and less power.

The function of this injector cleaner is for injector washing, combustion chamber, valve and spark plug. If it’s still good, I will not do it. The cost savings of RM30-50 depends on the brand of the vehicle.

4x4 Malaysia Mitsubishi triton

6. Avoid buying tires at a service center

Tires sold in service center for me are expensive 30-40% compare with tire shop. Usually I will buy tires directly at the tire shop. Much cheaper and reliable.

7. Collect the excess engine oil

Say a 4 litres engine oil bottle. Often a vehicle uses only 3.5 litres. The remaining 0.5 litres can be stored and used when the balance is sufficient. If the balance is sufficient, I will reuse the engine oil remaining for the next service


There you go, 7 ways to keep you from spending more money on the unnecessary things when you service your car. Hope these tips you be able to help you.

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