Never Exceed Your Internet Quota With These Tips

We can’t deny how much we rely on the internet these days. Almost everything we do requires our smartphones and the internet. For example, we use GPS when we’re travelling somewhere, and our primary communication tool to connect with everyone around us are social media apps like Whatsapp and Facebook.

Unless you have an unlimited data plan, it can be very easy to exceed your quota limit if you’re not keeping an eye on it. If you have limited internet quota, here are some tips and tricks, so you don’t burn out your mobile data.

Disable data usage for unused apps

You may have downloaded plenty of apps on your phone, but chances are you don’t use all of them. However, while you might not be using them, these unused apps could be streaming data whenever they please. Don’t allow the data stream to these apps if you are sure you’re not using them by disabling the data usage.

Limit data usage for apps

As for applications that you do use, you can limit their data usage. When you are not using these apps, they’re running in the background and streaming the data that you’re trying to save. You can reduce your data usage by setting data limits for each app.

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Only use Wi-Fi to update

One of the most significant data burners is app updates. Depending on the size of the updates, it can quickly exceed your internet quota, especially if you’re updating multiple apps. Adjust your phone settings to only update and download apps when connected to Wi-Fi. Besides, you can still use your apps even if they’re not updated, so there’s no need to be urgent.

Use airplane mode

When you’re down to the last MBs,  you can activate airplane mode as your last, desperate measure. Airplane mode blocks all data transfer to and from your phone, so know that you are safe from exceeding your internet quota. The only downside to this is you’re cut off entirely from communication.

Disable ad display

Using your smartphone to browse doesn’t mean you’re free from ads and pop-ups. These ads and pop-ups require an internet connection, and sometimes websites may include even autoplay videos. You can’t browse sites without a data connection, but you can disable ad pop-ups by adjusting the settings of your browsers.


You’ll never complain about exceeding your internet quota if you start to develop these smart habits when using your smartphone.

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